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Our group is involved with the discovery and applications of novel materials. Most often the constituents of these materials are 'nano' objects. We explore the possibility of discovering novel physical and chemical properties of these objects. Some of these investigations....

Accepted Publication: Atomically precise transformations and millimeter scale patterning of nanoscale assemblies by ambient electrospray deposition


Professor Pradeep is the first occupant of the Deepak Parekh Institute Chair. The chair was inaugurated on


Ramesh Kumar and Anupam Chandra won a Gandhiyan Young Technological Innovation Award under “More from Less for Many” category during Festival of Innovation - 2017 at Rashtrapati Bhavan


Biswajit Mondal received the best poster prize of the American Chemical Society at the CRSI National Symposium in Chemistry 2017


Accepted Publication: Unusual reactivity of dithiol protected clusters in comparison to monothiol protected clusters: Studies using Ag51(BDT)19(TPP)3 and Ag29(BDT)12(TPP)4


Accepted Publication: Confined metastable 2-line ferrihydrite for affordable point-of-use arsenic free drinking water


Accepted Publication: Diffusion controlled simultaneous sensing and scavenging of heavy metal ions in water using atomically precise cluster – cellulose nanocrystal composites


Accepted Publication: Structure-conserving spontaneous transformations between nanoparticles


Accepted Publication: Direct Observation of the Formation Pathway of [Mo132] Keplerates


Accepted Publication: Cooking induced corrosion of metals


Accepted Publication: Nucleolin-aptamer therapy in retinoblastoma: Molecular changes and mass spectrometry based imaging


Accepted Publication: Towards a janus cluster: Regiospecific decarboxylation of Ag44(4-MBA)30@Ag nanoparticles


Accepted Publication: Desorption electrospray ionization (DESI) mass spectrometric imaging of the distribution of rohitukine in the seedling of Dysoxylum binectariferum Hook. f


Accepted Publication: [Au25(SR)18]22- : A noble metal cluster dimer in the gas phase.


Accepted Publication: Sparingly soluble constant carbonate releasing inert monolith for enhancement of antimicrobial silver action and sustainable utilization.


Accepted Publication: Sparingly soluble constant carbonate releasing inert monolith for enhancement of antimicrobial silver action and sustainable utilization.


Accepted Publication: Diffusion and crystallization of dichloromethane within the pores of amorphous solid water.


Accepted Publication: Monitoring of changes in lipid profiles during PLK1 knockdown in cancer cells using DESI MS.


Accepted Publication: Electrospun nanofiber mats as “smart surfaces” for desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (DESI MS)-based analysis and imprint imaging.


Accepted Publication: Highly luminescent monolayer protected Ag56Se13S15 clusters.


Accepted Publication: Thio residue from thermal processing of cometary ices containing carbon disulfide and ammonia.


Accepted Publication: Unusual reactivity of MoS2 nanosheets.


Accepted Publication: Extraction of silver by glucose.


Our stall received an award for the most innovative exhibit at Bangalore nano.


K. R. Krishnadas received one of the best poster prizes at Bangalore nano.


The Source Magazine: Tiny particles with mega impacts


Depanjan received a Malhotra Weikfield award at Bangalore Nano.


Accepted Publication: Choline-induced selective fluorescence quenching of acetylcholinesterase conjugated Au@BSA clusters B+iosensors and bioelectronics.


Manju received a Royal Society of Chemistry poster prize at CRSI 2016.


Accepted Publication: Developmental patterning and segregation of alkaloids in areca nut (seed of Areca catechu) revealed by magnetic resonance and mass spectrometry imaging


Accepted Publication: Bridging Innovations in Academic Institutions to Society


Accepted Publication: Evolution of atomically precise clusters through the eye of mass spectrometry


Accepted Publication: Cluster Mediated Crossed Bilayer Precision Assemblies of 1D Nanowires


Accepted Publication: Rapid dehalogenation of pesticides and organics at the interface of reduced graphene oxide-silver nanocomposite


Accepted Publication: Inter-cluster reactions between Au25(SR)18 and Ag44(SR)30


Accepted Publication: Carbon aerogels through organo-inorganic co-assembly and their application in water desalination by capacitive deionization


Accepted Publication: Metallic nanobrushes made using ambient droplet sprays


Accepted Publication: Defining switching efficiency of multi-level resistive memory with PdO as example


Accepted Publication: A Unified Framework for Understanding the Structure and Modifications of Atomically Precise Monolayer Protected Gold Clusters


Prof. Pradeep has been elected as a fellow of The National Academy of Sciences.


Prof. Pradeep has been elected as a fellow of the Indian National Science Academy.


Accepted Publication: Anisotropic molecular ionization at 1 V from tellurium nanowires (Te NWs)

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Pradeep’s work is in the area of molecular materials and surfaces. In his formative years, he measured the very
first vibrationally resolved
photoelectron spectrum of Ar2 and discovered a novel transition metal ion, NiH2+. These days most of his work is on nano particles and ....
Our research group consists of PhD students, post-doctoral associates, undergraduate students, visiting students and project staff. Several students have graduated from the group and are located in various parts of the world. All of them have contributed to evolution of the laboratory.
People with state of the art resources create advanced science. Human mind is the birthplace for original ideas and lab is the workplace for innovations. Our lab is one of the most state-of-the-art centers of chemical research. We have almost all the advanced tools for materials synthesis and characterization.
The historically unprecedented developments of nanoscience 
and nanotechnology, in view
of their phenomenal expansion and growth, in conjunction with their ....
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