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Our group is involved with the discovery and applications of novel materials. Most often the constituents of these materials are 'nano' objects. We explore the possibility of discovering novel physical and chemical properties of these objects. Some of these investigations....

Accepted Publication:Nanocellulose reinforced organo-inorganic nanocomposite for synergistic and affordable defluoridation of water and an evaluation of its sustainability metrics


Accepted Publication:Formation of cubic ice via clathrate hydrate, prepared in ultrahigh vacuum under cryogenic conditions


Accepted Publication:Intercluster Reactions Resulting in Silver-rich Trimetallic Nanoclusters


Accepted Publication:Internalization of a preformed atomically precise silver cluster in proteins by multistep events and emergence of luminescent counterparts retaining bioactivity


Accepted Publication:Metal ion-induced luminescence Enhancement in protein protected gold clusters


Prof. Pradeep joins as a member of the 'Technical Committee for examination and use of innovations and technologies in drinking water and sanitation sector' under the chairmanship of the Principal Scientific Adviser, with the Secretary, Department of Drinking Water & Sanitation, Ministry of Jal Shakti as co-chair. Government of India has launched Jal Jeevan Mission which aims at Functional Household Tap Connection to every rural household by the year 2024.


Accepted Publication:Nano-Gymnastics: Visualisation of inter-cluster reactions by high resolution trapped ion mobility mass spectrometry


Accepted Publication:Mechanistic elucidation of the structure and reactivity of bare and hydride protected Ag+17 clusters


Prof. Pradeep has been invited to be to join the Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) of Analytical Chemistry.


Accepted Publication:Ambient electrospray deposition raman spectroscopy (AESD RS) using soft landed preformed silver nanoparticles for rapid and sensitive analysis


Accepted Publication:Crystallization of a supramolecular coassembly of an atomically precise nanoparticle with a crown ether


Papri wins a Langmuir prize for authoring one of the best theses in Physical and theoretical chemistry for the current year


Accepted Publication:Tribochemical degradation of polytetrafluoroethylene in water and generation of nanoplastics


Accepted Publication:Waterborne fluorine-free superhydrophobic surfaces exhibiting simultaneous CO2 and humidity sorption


Accepted Publication:In-situ monitoring of electrochemical reactions through CNTs-assisted paper cell mass spectrometry


Accepted Publication:Highly-sensitive As3+ detection using electrodeposited nanostructured MnOx and phase evolution of the active material during sensing


Accepted Publication:Conformational Changes of Protein upon Encapsulation of Noble Metal Clusters: An Investigation by Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry


Granted Patent:Composition for Susutained Release of carbonate and a water purification device based on the same with enhanced biocidal activity


Accepted Publication:Spontaneous Formation of Tetrahydrofuran Hydrate in Ultra-High Vacuum


Accepted Publication:Geologically-inspired monoliths for sustainable release of essential minerals into drinking water


Accepted Publication:Surface Treated Nanofibers for High Current Yielding Breath Humidity Sensors for Wearable Electronics


Accepted Publication:Reply to Choukroun et al.: IR and TPD data suggest the formation of clathrate hydrates in laboratory experiments simulating ISM


Accepted Publication:The emerging interface of mass spectrometry with materials


Accepted Publication:Formation of a NIR emitting Ag34S3SBB20(CF3COO)62+ cluster from a hydride protected silver cluster


Accepted Publication:Sub-ppt level detection of analytes by superhydrophobic pre-concentration paper spray ionization mass spectrometry (SHPPSI MS)


Accepted Publication:Confining an Ag10 Core in an Ag12 Shell: A Four-Electron Superatom with Enhanced Photoluminescence upon Crystallization


Accepted Publication:A covalently linked dimer of [Ag25(DMBT)18]-


Papri Chakraborty has been invited to talk at the CRSI-RSC joint symposium.​​

Accepted Publication:Clathrate hydrates in interstellar environment


Accepted Publication:Sustainable and affordable composites built using microstructures performing better than nanostructures for arsenic removal


Mohammad Bodiuzzaman wins best poster award in Bengaluru India Nano, 2018.​


Papri Chakraborty wins Karnataka DST Nanoscience Award in Bengaluru India Nano, 2018.​


Pradeep Research Group, IIT Madras wins best exhibitor award in Bengaluru India Nano, 2018.​


Accepted Publication:Rapid isotopic exchange in nanoparticles


Accepted Publication:Appearance of SERS activity in single silver nanoparticles by laser-induced reshaping


Accepted Publication:Camouflaging structural diversity: Co-crystallization of two different nanoparticles having different cores but the same shell


Accepted Publication:Isomerism in supramolecular adducts of atomically precise nanoparticles


Accepted Publication:Thirty-fold photoluminescence enhancement induced by secondary ligands in monolayer protected silver clusters


Accepted Publication:Interconversions of structural isomers of [PdAu8(PPh3)8]2+ and [Au9(PPh3)8]3+ revealed by ion mobility mass spectrometry


Accepted Publication:Atomically precise cluster-based white light emitters


Accepted Patent:New US patent issued: Detection of quantity of water flow using quantum clusters


Accepted Patent:New US patent issued: Reduced graphene oxide-based-composites for the purification of water


Accepted Publication:Monolayer protected noble metal clusters as potential standards for negative ion mass spectrometry


Accepted Publication:Holey MoS2 nanosheets with photocatalytic metal rich edges by ambient electrospray deposition for solar water disinfection


Accepted Publication:Detection of [Au25(PET)18(O2)n]- (n=1,2,3) species by mass spectrometry


Accepted Publication:Electrohydrodynamic assembly of ambient ion-derived nanoparticles to nanosheets at liquid surfaces


Accepted Publication:Bent keto form of Curcumin, preferential stabilization of enol by Piperine, and isomers of Curcumin∩Cyclodextrin complexes: Insights from ion mobility mass spectrometry


Accepted Publication:Species-specific uptake of arsenic on confined metastable 2-line ferrihydrite: A combined Raman-XPS investigation of the adsorption mechanism


Accepted Publication:Patterned nanobrush nature mimics with unprecedented water harvesting efficiency


Accepted Publication:Towards atomically precise luminescent Ag2S clusters separable by thin layer chromatography


Accepted Publication:Polymorphism of [Ag29(BDT)12(TPP)4]3- cluster: Interactions of secondary ligands and their effect on solid state luminescence


Accepted Publication:Metals in urine in relation to the prevalence of pre-diabetes, diabetes and atherosclerosis in rural india


Accepted Publication:Atomically precise nanocluster assemblies encapsulating plasmonic gold nanorods


Accepted Publication:Synthesis of silicon nanoparticles from rice husk and their use as sustainable fluorophores for white light emission


Accepted Publication:Detection of hydrocarbons by laser assisted paper spray ionization mass spectrometry (LAPSI MS)


Accepted Publication:Fabrication of a waterborne durable superhydrophobic material functioning in air and under oil


Accepted Publication:Fullerene Functionalized Monolayer Protected Silver Clusters: [Ag29(BDT)12(C60)n]3- (n=1-9)


Accepted Publication:Probing the mechanical response of luminescent dithiol protected Ag29(BDT)12(TPP)4 cluster crystals


Prof. T. Pradeep has been chosen for the 'TWAS Prize' in Chemistry for the year 2018.​


Accepted Publication:Rapid reaction of MoS2 nanosheets with Pb2+ and Pb4+ ions in solution


Accepted Publication:Propane and Propane-Water Interactions: A Study at Cryogenic Temperatures


Accepted Publication:Early detection of biofouling on water purification membranes by ambient ionization mass spectrometry Imaging


Accepted Publication:An aqueous composition for lubricant free, robust, slippery, transparent coatings on diverse substrates


Accepted Publication:Reactivity of monolayer protected silver clusters towards excess ligand: A calorimetric study


Accepted Publication:Organic solvent-free fabrication of durable and multifunctional superhydrophobic paper from waterborne fluorinated cellulose nanofiber building blocks


Accepted Publication:Sequential dihydrogen desorption from hydride protected atomically precise silver clusters and the formation of naked clusters in the gas phase


Accepted Publication:Dual probe sensors using atomically precise noble metal clusters


Accepted Publication:Catalytic paper spray ionization mass spectrometry with metal nanotubes and the detection of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT)


Accepted Publication:Probing coordination complexes by carbon nanotube-assisted low voltage paper spray ionization mass spectrometry


Accepted Publication:Structure-reactivity correlations in metal atom substitutions of monolayer protected noble metal alloy clusters


Accepted Publication:Unusual accumulation of silver in the aleurone layer of an Indian rice (Oryza sativa) landrace and sustainable extraction of the metal


Dr. K. R. Krishnadas has been awarded Prof. Langmuir Prize for the Best Thesis in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry


Sandeep Bose wins the ACS Best Poster award at CRSI held at IICT Hyderabad


Accepted Publication:Interparticle reactions: An emerging direction in nanomaterials chemistry


Prof. Pradeep delivered the Sixth Lecture of the Roddam Narasimha Distinguished Lecture Series at IIT Gandhinagar


Accepted Publication:Au22Ir3(PET)18 : An unusual alloy cluster through inter-cluster reaction


Accepted Publication:Isomerism in monolayer protected silver cluster ions: An ion mobility-mass spectrometry approach


Accepted Publication: Gold-induced unfolding of lysozyme: Towards the formation of luminescent clusters


Accepted Publication: Green synthesis of protein protected fluorescent gold nanoclusters (AuNCs): Reducing the size of the AuNCs by partially occupying the Ca2+ site by La3+ in apo-α-lactalbumin and the utility of AuNCs in sensing Hg2+


Accepted Publication: Manifestation of geometric and electronic shell structures of metal clusters in intercluster reactions


Accepted Publication: [Ag59(2,5-DCBT)32]3-: A new cluster and a precursor for three well-known clusters


Accepted Publication: Atomically precise clusters of noble metals: Emerging link between atoms and nanoparticles


Accepted Publication: Synergistic Effects in Green Extraction of Noble Metals and Its Consequences


Accepted Publication: Atomically precise transformations and millimeter scale patterning of nanoscale assemblies by ambient electrospray deposition


Professor Pradeep is the first occupant of the Deepak Parekh Institute Chair. The chair was inaugurated on


Ramesh Kumar and Anupam Chandra won a Gandhiyan Young Technological Innovation Award under “More from Less for Many” category during Festival of Innovation - 2017 at Rashtrapati Bhavan


Biswajit Mondal received the best poster prize of the American Chemical Society at the CRSI National Symposium in Chemistry 2017

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Pradeep’s work is in the area of molecular materials and surfaces. In his formative years, he measured the very
first vibrationally resolved
photoelectron spectrum of Ar2 and discovered a novel transition metal ion, NiH2+. These days most of his work is on nano particles and ....
Our research group consists of PhD students, post-doctoral associates, undergraduate students, visiting students and project staff. Several students have graduated from the group and are located in various parts of the world. All of them have contributed to evolution of the laboratory.
People with state of the art resources create advanced science. Human mind is the birthplace for original ideas and lab is the workplace for innovations. Our lab is one of the most state-of-the-art centers of chemical research. We have almost all the advanced tools for materials synthesis and characterization.
The historically unprecedented developments of nanoscience 
and nanotechnology, in view
of their phenomenal expansion and growth, in conjunction with their ....
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