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Our group is involved with the discovery and applications of novel materials. Most often the constituents of these materials are 'nano' objects. We explore the possibility of discovering novel physical and chemical properties of these objects. Some of these investigations....

Accepted Publication:In vitro co-localization of plasmonic nano-bio labels and biomolecules using plasmonic and Raman scattering microspectroscopy.

March-23 -2015

Prof. Pradeep has been invited to be a member of the graduate faculty in chemistry of Purdue University. This allows him to co-advise graduate students and teach graduate courses.


Accepted Publication:Ambient ionization mass spectrometry imaging of rohitukine, a chromone anti-cancer alkaloid, during seed development in Dysoxylum binectariferum Hook. F (Meliaceae).


Mr. Rahul Narayanan received a Royal Society of Chemistry poster prize at the 17th Chemical Research Society of India Symposium held recently.


Dr. E. S. Shibu, our former student won a Marie Curie fellowship.


Prof. Pradeep has been selected for the JC Bose National Fellowship.


Accepted Publication: Size evolution of protein protected gold clusters in solution: A combined SAXS-MS investigation.


Prof. T. Pradeep has been invited to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC).


Ananya Baksi received one of the best poster awards of Bangalore India Nano. This included a cash prize of Rs. 20,000.


Our stall at Bangalore India Nano bagged the Best Exhibitor Award.


Indranath Chakraborty wins Malhotra Weikfield Foundation NanoScience Fellowship Award.


Accepted Publication: Identification of effective substrates for the direct analysis of lipids from cell lines using desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.


The Hindu: Novel way to produce safer drinking water.


Accepted Publication: Vacuum ultraviolet photoabsorption of interstellar icy thiols.


Accepted Publication: Simple and efficient separation of atomically precise noble metal clusters.


Accepted Publication: Optical rotation by plasmonic circular dichroism of isolated gold nanorod aggregates.


Accepted Publication: Antimicrobial silver: An unprecedented anion effect.


Accepted Publication: Approaching sensitivity of tens of ions using atomically precise cluster-nanofiber composites.


Atanu's paper invited for the cover profile: Synthesis of Atomically Precise Silver Clusters by Using the Miscibility Principle.


Accepted Publication: Isolation and Tandem Mass Spectrometric Identification of a Stable Monolayer Protected Silver-Palladium Alloy Cluster.


Accepted Publication: Reversible Formation of Ag44 from Selenolates.


Accepted Publication: Controlled Synthesis and Characterization of the Elusive Thiolated Ag55 Cluster.


Accepted Publication: Ag11(SG)7: A new cluster identified by mass spectrometry and optical spectroscopy.


The book, Functional Nanometer-Sized Clusters of Transition Metals (available at, http://www.rsc.org/Shop/books/2014/9781849738248.asp) has been published. We have a chapter in this book.


Kamalesh's new work is on the science page of The Hindu today


US patent has been granted for the invention, 'Multielement multiproperty tagging' filed by T. Pradeep and P. R. Sajanlal.


Japanese patent has been granted for the invention, 'Organic polymer-inorganic fine particle antimicrobial composites and uses thereof' filed by T. Pradeep and A. Sreekumaran Nair.


Accepted Publication: Using ambient ion beams to write nanostructured patterns for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.


Kamalesh Chaudhari and T. Pradeep, Spatiotemporal mapping of three dimensional rotational dynamics of single ultrasmall gold nanorods, Scientific Reports (Nature) 2014 In press.


Our product is featured in Nature Nanotechnology "At a long-awaited turning point" by Arindam Ghosh and Yamuna Krishnan.


Dr. Chandramouli Subramaniam, our alumnus, joins IIT Bombay as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry.


Accepted Publication: Synthesis of atomically precise silver clusters using the miscibility principle

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Pradeep’s work is in the area of molecular materials and surfaces. In his formative years, he measured the very
first vibrationally resolved
photoelectron spectrum of Ar2 and discovered a novel transition metal ion, NiH2+. These days most of his work is on nano particles and ....
Our research group consists of PhD students, post-doctoral associates, undergraduate students, visiting students and project staff. Several students have graduated from the group and are located in various parts of the world. All of them have contributed to evolution of the laboratory.
People with state of the art resources create advanced science. Human mind is the birthplace for original ideas and lab is the workplace for innovations. Our lab is one of the most state-of-the-art centers of chemical research. We have almost all the advanced tools for materials synthesis and characterization.
The historically unprecedented developments of nanoscience 
and nanotechnology, in view
of their phenomenal expansion and growth, in conjunction with their ....
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