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Our research has resulted in several technologies. The pesticide removal technology has been licensed and a product based on this technology has been commercialised. Incidentally, this is the first nanomaterials-based water filter to get into commercial market. Several hundreds of thousands of these filters have been sold so far.

We have licensed several other technologies.

Four companies have been incubated based on our research. IIT Madras and our former students are owners of these companies. We have secured funding for for two of these companies.

More details on two of these companies can be found from their websites. InnoDI  VayuJal.  

If our commercial research interests excite you and you would like to be part of this life, feel free to write to us by sending your resume, latest photograph and a cover letter describing why our research interests excite you  pradeep@iitm.ac.in.

If you have ideas on specific societal problems where we can make a difference, please write to us   

Essential details on our water technologies can be found here.