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Laboratory is our “karma-bhoomi”. Science done in our lab originates in our minds and is executed using state-of-the-art infrastructure. The laboratory has created an ambience for our little ideas to transform to fascinating research findings.

After all, science is the only meaningful way of life for us.

If our fundamental research interests excite you and you would like to be part of this life or if you have the ideas for possibly doing first-rate science, feel free to write to us by sending your resume and a latest photograph.

We are looking for a research adminsitrator for the group who can direct research, go through technical write-ups and help in research. Ideal candidate is a PhD with several years of experience. Age no bar. Position is available for five years.

A postdoc opportunity is available. This is in a joint project with collaborators from abroad. Work requires expertise in synthetic organic chemistry.

Several positions at various levels are available to work on nanotechnology and clean water.

To use the nano facilities, please visit http://nano.iitm.ac.in. Kindly do not send such requests to pradeep@iitm.ac.in.